Saturday, May 4, 2013

It's Dear Jane club day!

I'm off for the Dear Jane club this morning at The Quilt Merchant! Love this club - and to think if I could have kept up with the monthly assignments, my quilt would almost be finished! LOL. That's ok, I'm used to having a ton of UFO's laying around here. I've got 5 Dear Jane blocks prepped and ready to work on. That's my goal for this month on that quilt - just five little blocks!

Isn't this a sweet little poem! I found it a few days ago on FaceBook and now I cannot remember whom to give credit to for posting it! My memory is getting so bad!

I love old pictures that show ladies quilting! And again - forgot where I first found this pic! But thank you to whoever it was that posted it!

Yesterday I made a little progress on my first border for the Stars and Sprigs quilt I'm working on. I was able to get some of the vines appliquéd down and then just couldn't take it anymore and had to dive into the stash and start adding color! So I added a bunch of the flower buds, petals and leaves and that is what I will appliqué on this morning before heading out the door!

If you are not familiar with The Stars and Sprigs quilt, here is a photo of the completed quilt!

Gorgeous isn't it!

I've got a bit of sad news to share with you. Please keep Libby Lehman and family in your thoughts and prayers. Libby suffered a brain aneurism earlier this week, underwent surgery, then swelling set in and she suffered a stroke. She underwent a second operation to remove another part of her skull to relieve some of the swelling. This has to be such a sad and stressful time for her family. Libby is such a talented and sweet person, so please say a prayer for her and send her many good thoughts.

If you would like to send get well cards and good wishes to her, here is her address - let's flood her mail box and help her and her family get through this terrible ordeal.

Libby Lehman
617 Caroline
Houston, TX 77002.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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