Thursday, May 9, 2013

A little bit of everything!

Hello! Wow - I've been so busy getting ready to leave for market, planning this years garden and getting the flower beds ready - I neglected my poor old blog!

Here's a few things I've been working on these past few days.

I kind of hit a stall on the TradeWinds quilt. It's been so nice outside I've not wanted to sit at the sewing machine. But I have to get it finished up soon because I need my design wall space back!

This past week I also started on the first border for the Stars and Sprigs quilt. I figured since there are four of these heavily appliquéd borders I better start working on them also, in between making the blocks. This border is a lot of fun so far!

I had Dear Jane club last Saturday and above are three more blocks I've finished this week. Top left is K-7 Rose of Sharing, top right is H-12 Hannah Lou's Heart and the bottom block is I-11 Coyote Chase. I love working on these little blocks!

While I was out weeding one of the flower beds this morning before the predicted rain comes, I found four little bitty baby bunnies! They are so cute. I'm going to watch today and make sure Momma bunny comes back around because I was awfully close to snipping one of them with the trimmers this morning. I hope Momma bunny won't leave them now!

Yesterday I was so excited to see my daughters picture in our local paper. She participated in the Shoot For A's Science club this year! So proud of her!

And we have another doggie visitor here with us for a few weeks. His name is Chullo and he's such a good dog! His owner is taking care of two very,very sick boxer doggies right now, so Chullo is spending time here!

And for those of you that remember me taking care of seven puppies and their Momma since December 31st - I'm proud to say as of two weeks ago all the puppies found their "furever" homes as well as Momma Bridget!

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