Monday, February 18, 2013

A finish or two!

I'm so excited I finished the binding on this quilt early this morning and washed and dried it to get that gorgeous krinkled antique look!

Here's a picture of a corner - I think that brown fabric looks pretty good on here!

So then I moved on to finish hand quilting this four or five year old UFO.

Silly me - it only had about a half hours worth of work left to do on it! Why in the world did I put it back in the UFO pile? Anyhow - it's finished except for the binding. Lesson learned - store your binding fabric if possible with the UFO quilt! I had to order a piece of Kona because I could not find any of that deep dark brown in my
stash to finish it off! I'm so bummed!

Here's a couple close ups of my "almost" finished quilt!

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