Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Help Me Find This Pattern --- Please!!!

A couple years ago I bought this really cute sewing bag at a local quilt show.  Every time I take it somewhere with me - I get asked for the pattern or a source to purchase one finished. I would love to have this pattern to make a few of these for Christmas gifts and to share the source of such a pattern with you!

If you have any idea where to find this pattern - please leave me a comment!

Cute sewing bag all closed up with the drawstrings.

Cute sewing bag opened with all my quilting paraphernalia in it!

Inside of sewing bag.

Inside of sewing bag showing the little pockets for storing threads and such!

Close up of pin cushion inside sewing bag.  Please excuse the cat hair - Miss Bella love to use this as a pillow!

Queen Bee Bella trying to figure out what I'm doing - she's so nosey!

Here's Miss Bella again - she approves this sewing bag!


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