Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quilt Market ReCap Day 4

Are you enjoying these Quilt Market photos?  Here are a few more!

Here's me again - sitting at my super cool treadle table that I used as a little office space in my booth!  I bought this neat piece of furniture at an antique shop here locally and really lucked out on the price!  I paid $20 or $25 - one or the other - I cannot remember now, but I snatched it up quick when I first saw it!

And here is Lynne Hagmeier designer of all those wonderful patterns published under the name - Kansas Troubles Quilters, her husband and her daughter.

I had the great pleasure of having Lynne as a chauffeur the day before set up at Quilt Market.  Pam Buda and I road along with Lynne as she took us to a bunch of really awesome antique shops and then a fabulous Mexican restaurant.  Many goodies were found and I really enjoyed that peaceful and relaxing day out shopping!  The perfect thing to do before all the work of setting up a booth for Quilt Market!

And here we have Nancy Rink Designs

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