Friday, May 25, 2012

Quilt Market Brain

I'm still packing orders from Quilt Market.

I'm still running on a "high" from all the energy at Quilt Market.

I just want to dig in and work on something - ever get like that?

So, this morning while digging around for some 1 1/2" strips to send to a friend, I un-earthed a box of strippy blocks and a bunch of strips I had been saving - really old fabrics, things I don't typically use, but had been saving for some reason or another.  I'll probably never do anything much with all this stuff and I really need the plastic bin all this stuff is stored in for the pile of 2 1/2" strips I've been cutting that have no home yet.

So, here is a layout I have so far....
(please do not judge me on this poor photo quality - cell phone picture - not the best in the world, but you get the idea!)

I have just enough blocks for this layout - which will clear out the finished blocks from this bin of goodies - then I'm going to take all the fabric strips and send them to my Great Aunt in West Virginia to play with.  Works for me!

I'm thinking about using a white on white fabric for the setting.  Thought about black fabric but I do not have enough here in my stash of any one certain black that I'm willing to part with for this quilt.

I just want to sew.  I just want to finish something. So this is next on the list.  Should be easy enough and I should not have to use my poor over-filled brain too much to get it done!

Wish me luck!

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