Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Little "Peeks" for you.....

Yesterday I gave you a few teeny, tiny glimpses at what myself and 15 other designers have been doing "behind the scenes" for months now.  We have a secret project that is very near completion and will be introduced to the quilting world - oh so soon!

Here's another little glimpse:

Oh gosh, I just cannot take the anticipation any longer - here's another peek:

OK - I have to stop there - and you will just have to stop back here tomorrow to see the "unveiling" of our secret project!  I cannot stand the suspense any longer!

In other news - I'm out the door today to visit yet another quilt show - as long as the weather holds up and no nasty storms come through - I'll be taking in a large selection of gorgeous quilts!

Have a great Saturday - and we'll see you back here tomorrow for the "unveiling" ceremony!

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